I’m Sure He Did

Reading about the killing of an aide to Moqtada al Sadr, Sahib al-Amiri, in a joint US-Iraqi raid, I came across this attempt to paint the dead man as an humanitarian: Close Adviser to Sadr Dies in U.S.-Iraqi Raid – washingtonpost.com

U.S. military officials declined to confirm that Amiri was a Sadr aide, saying only that he had provided explosives for use against Iraqi and U.S. forces. Sadr officials said Amiri was an aide and a lawyer who ran an educational organization that helped orphans and impoverished children.

Call me sarcastic, but I thought there isn’t much linguistic difference in saying that “he had run an organization that trained people to orphan and impoverish children” by killing people with IEDs. Maybe the comment was mistranslated but accurate?

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