They Should Get a Bonus from the U.S.

for taking on a task that we have had a hard time accomplishing in the past.The Media Line reports that,

The official government of Somalia, backed by Ethiopian forces has recaptured the country’s capital Mogadishu, according to media reports from the area.

So far, so good. The Ethiopian government should be supported by the US government in this endeavor. They’ve taken care of a problem for us in the Horn of Africa.
Of course, the reporter can’t leave the reporting at that. They have to have an outrageous quote from one of the losers:

The leaders of the Islamist alliance that held most of the country until this week have resigned, SomaliNet news agency reported. “Since the Islamists came to power in Somalia, they did a lot of significant acts for the people, particularly in terms of security, justice, development, improving internal and foreign politics, reopening the air and sea ports and so on,” the outgoing leadership said in the statement.

Islamist fighters are said to have handed their weaponry to warlords in the Mogadishu area.

Just like the Taliban and the other thugocracies in the region – Saddam’s Iraq, Akhmadenijad’s Iran.
I note the neutral term “significant acts,” as in significantly bad or significantly good?

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