Other Tyrants in the Middle East Should Take Note

Michelle Malkin quotes one of the witnesses in her blog post: Michelle Malkin: Report: Saddam is dead

I have to admit he looked frightened…”he was shivering, he looked broken, frightened”…***

This is the first time that one of the tyrants of the Muslim world has been destroyed by a freely elected government of the country he tyrannized.

Has anyone noticed the difference between this trial and punishment and the Nuremberg trials after World War II? These trials were conducted by Iraqi government personnel. The execution was conducted by Iraqis. Even the Germans couldn’t have done that after the Allies’ defeated them.

This points so clearly to the one fact that rarely if ever gets written about – the US and the coalition were not at war with the Iraqi people. We have turned parts of the country over to their control at a very rapid rate.

The Iraqis have, on their part, taken up the responsibilities of running their own government (legislature, executive, judiciary, military, and police) at a pace far faster than the Germans or the Japanese did after World War II.

Doesn’t that strike you as not only surprising, but also encouraging? What do all these people who complain about US involvement in this effort think of our involvement in Germany and Japan after  World War II?

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